Saturday, 1 December 2012

Summarizing November: Looking to Dec

Well it is no big surprise that I totally fell flat on my face with this daily blog effort. But I tried, and I am not going to give up the blogging idea. In all fairness, it was mostly the lung infection (which I am still fighting a month later) that really did me in, more than the brain capacity, although the brain was a very close second. I do know that it is way too much for me to expect myself to be able to write paragraphs every single day.

I am going to try something much simpler this month. My cousin posted this on Facebook:

I have wanted to do more photography lately. I do not have a fancy camera. At the moment, I am actually just stuck with my ipod camera, as I have lost the cable to my digital camera. But I am satisfied with that. I want to work on making better photos with what I have on hand. Some of the themes will take a bit of thought -- they are obviously skewed to Christmas, so I will have to tweek them to fit my own observances of Hannukah, such as we do not unwrap on the 25th, so will have to find something other than presents to do then, but that will just add to the creativity. And I do not do holiday elfs, but do have twins in the house, so they will have to do. The only one I really really do not want to do is the one for today: a pic of myself. But I will get to it in a few moments, and post the requisit pic. I really hate having my picture taken, and avoid it at all costs. This is going to be so hard on my ego. Oh well .... off to pretty myself, and figure out how to compose a reasonable pic of myself.

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