Friday, 7 December 2012

Enjoying The View from Here

#IHeartFaces photography prompt for Dec 7th.

The View from Here

The view from our townhouse is quite peaceful. We live just on the edge of town, right across from one of the local highschools. For being an urbanish home it is fairly quiet, although not as quiet as the rural places we have lived. The view from our balcony is nice. I can see the Coastal Mountain Range as we look across the school feilds and town. Our place sits on the base of the Fraser Plateau: most of what we see is rolling hills, not real mountains. The Plateau sits between the Coastal Mountains and the Rocky Mountains.

Most days when I look out I can see various sports teams practicing on the feilds. Rugby takes up a great portion of the time, as does soccer, but there is also track and a few other sports played there.

It is odd when I look out right now. Simply because I can see grass everywhere. Usually by early December, we have a thin layer of snow, that will be there until March. At a bare minimum, there is a layer of ice left from previous snowfalls that have melted. So far this year we have only had a few flurries: I am not sure what that will hold for the rest of winter. Is it all yet to come, or are we in for a dry winter this year? I am hoping for dry, as I hate getting about in the snow, but less snow usually means colder temperatures: it is usually one or the other.

Here is the view: I managed to catch a bit of a rainbow.

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