Saturday, 1 December 2012

Introducing Me

All day I have been puzzling on how to take a photo that I will be happy with. It does not help that all week we have had no laundry due to broken septic pipes, so trying to find a clean shirt is a wee bit of a stretch at the moment. And I am self consious still about myself. But it finally came to me how to capture a photo that is more me, than just my face or body.

To me, I am not my looks. I am my actions. I am the people who I do things with. I am the product of my hands. I am my knitting, spinning, and cooking. I am the lessons I used to be able to teach. I am the person who helps, and crafts, and learns where and when I can ... to the limits of my learnings and abilites.

The reflection in the mirror, or in the camera lens does not show that. Or at least most of the time it does not. So here is my attempt to show the me I see.

These are the socks I finished knitting yesterday. The pattern is called Sokomame. They have taken me ages, as I lost the pattern I used while knitting the first sock, and forgot the modifciations I had made, so even though it was easy enough to print out a new copy of the pattern, it was very hard to figure out how I had modified it on the fly. And joining me in the pic is the feet of my beloved 17 month old grandsons.

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