Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Get Your Brain On

Today I went to two specialists: I see 3 more tomorrow . It is part of the joy of being from a small town that you must travel long distances (650 km in my case) and stack the appointments like this. The two were a huge contrast. The first one of the top in his feild in dealing with vertigo. His Intern interviewed me, but had no patience for the fact that I have a brain injury, and have trouble speaking, and remembering facts about my own life and symptoms. It was so frustrating. The interview was like an interigation of "lets catch her in a lie". Seriously Doctors. Get some compassion.

But on the fun side, their office did win a prize while I was there of best decorated office at Vancouver General, for Halloween. Very cool decor. Unless you get creeped out by spiders.

Second Doctor visit was a total polar opposite. First off, the Dr was not even working today. He was teaching Med Students at a different location, but when I talked to his secretary and was trying to schedule these appointments to work with the other Drs, I was having trouble fitting his in his clinical days. So he offered to come in to the office just for me after his class time. I truley appreciated that. He is a very compassionate Dr, and understands the language issues I have, and is willing to wait if it takes me 5 minutes to explain myself.

The slogans in the lobby of GF Stong really show what the philosohy of the staff there is:

The words say: Create, Believe, Dream, Change, Inspire, Hope, Learn, and Strengthen. All the staff there strive to work all these ideals into the care plans with each patient.

I wish all Drs worked that way.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Road trip

Don't leave home with out it:

Well apparently I fail at commercial advertising brainwashing. I forgot my credit card at home. The one I had loaded my money on for my hotel and trip spending. Luckily my son wanted to pick something up before we left town, and when I went to pay for it we realized the card was missing, and easily went back home to find the missing card. Right where I left it by last night's pizza boxes. Derp!

Do deer do downward dog?

I saw a deer in the strangest position on the side of the road. A Live deer .. No roadkill worries there. I swear it was doing yoga.

Your pee is 50

Passed one if those digital speed signs that displays your actual speed as you go by. But I guess the person inputting it could not spell, or really needed a potty break, as it read "your pee is 50km" Someone has serious urinary issues if they pee at 50 km an hour. . How do you clock the speed of that?

Monday, 29 October 2012

Total newb

Feel totally lost trying to figure out this blog stuff. Having a brain injury only complicates it as I figure it out, then forget how I figured it out. Oy.

Please bear with me.
This is a word document I found on my computer. I wrote it one day last spring, thinking I might start a book with it. But never progressed from that one instance of writing inspiration. I am going to use it as the basis for my blog. I had initially planned each of the topics below to be a chapter ... later on I will expand on each of them for a blog entry. They all have to do with stories of times when G-d has given me gifts, which at the time I did not realize or own up to.

One day I burned dinner badly. I have beenso frustrated lately, as I approach the third moth off work after hitting myhead slipping in the shower. As I was crying, I heard G-d saying to me. 

I gave you a gift

I have since reflected on these simplewords. And how they can be applied to many chapters of my life.

He has given me gifts I have squandered.Health. Money. Time.

He has given me the gifts of parents, 3adult children, and a husband of 25 years. Not all of these have been happytimes. My children are certainly a blessing, as is my husband. My parents –well they are what made me what I am, genetically and historically.

Many experiences I have had over the yearsI have come to realize later on were a well wrapped gift. It was just hard tosee at the time.


The Gift of a Car Accident

The Gift for the Child of a Migrant Worker(acceptance of change)

The Gift of Love (the blue dress)

The gift of the tempo

The gift of the camry

The gift of blindness

The gift of a failed friendship (Julialeading to Judaism)

The Gift of a Child (multiple miscarriages)AMEN labour medications – payback from dad

The gift of healing (kindey)

The Gift of Rabbits

The Gift of the White Van (Virginia’sStory)

The Gift of Warmth (getting the gas money)

The Gift of the Passing Cruise Workers

The Gift of Food Hampers

The Gift of Disability (Torah Study forWarren)