Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Road trip

Don't leave home with out it:

Well apparently I fail at commercial advertising brainwashing. I forgot my credit card at home. The one I had loaded my money on for my hotel and trip spending. Luckily my son wanted to pick something up before we left town, and when I went to pay for it we realized the card was missing, and easily went back home to find the missing card. Right where I left it by last night's pizza boxes. Derp!

Do deer do downward dog?

I saw a deer in the strangest position on the side of the road. A Live deer .. No roadkill worries there. I swear it was doing yoga.

Your pee is 50

Passed one if those digital speed signs that displays your actual speed as you go by. But I guess the person inputting it could not spell, or really needed a potty break, as it read "your pee is 50km" Someone has serious urinary issues if they pee at 50 km an hour. . How do you clock the speed of that?

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