Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Get Your Brain On

Today I went to two specialists: I see 3 more tomorrow . It is part of the joy of being from a small town that you must travel long distances (650 km in my case) and stack the appointments like this. The two were a huge contrast. The first one of the top in his feild in dealing with vertigo. His Intern interviewed me, but had no patience for the fact that I have a brain injury, and have trouble speaking, and remembering facts about my own life and symptoms. It was so frustrating. The interview was like an interigation of "lets catch her in a lie". Seriously Doctors. Get some compassion.

But on the fun side, their office did win a prize while I was there of best decorated office at Vancouver General, for Halloween. Very cool decor. Unless you get creeped out by spiders.

Second Doctor visit was a total polar opposite. First off, the Dr was not even working today. He was teaching Med Students at a different location, but when I talked to his secretary and was trying to schedule these appointments to work with the other Drs, I was having trouble fitting his in his clinical days. So he offered to come in to the office just for me after his class time. I truley appreciated that. He is a very compassionate Dr, and understands the language issues I have, and is willing to wait if it takes me 5 minutes to explain myself.

The slogans in the lobby of GF Stong really show what the philosohy of the staff there is:

The words say: Create, Believe, Dream, Change, Inspire, Hope, Learn, and Strengthen. All the staff there strive to work all these ideals into the care plans with each patient.

I wish all Drs worked that way.

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