Wednesday, 7 November 2012

NoBloPoMo #7: You make me Blush

Wednesday, November 7, 2012BlogHer Prompt: Talk about the last compliment you received.

When I was in Vancouver last week for medical treatments, we stayed at a fairly upscale hotel downtown: I managed to score a deal using one of those travel sites. I had forgotten something in my room, and my son went up to get it, while I waited in the lobby. The concierge came over to chat, and asked what was on the agenda for the day. I told him we were down for medical appointments. He asked "are you was down for The Cancer" (said in an exaggerated stage whisper). He looked up at this point to the chemo cap I wear over my bald head. I replied in a matching tone of stage whisper, that no, I am down for "the brain injury", and said I had appointments at GF Strong that morning, then St Paul's Hospital in the afternoon, and that the day before I had been at Vancouver General Hospital and GF Strong as well. He asked how I had gotten hurt, so I told him: it was just a simple slip in the bathtub while getting ready for work one day. I really did not expect it to change my life so drastically.

I tried to make light of it, and say at least it lets me spend time with my grandchildren, as my single daughter moved in to help care for me when she was pregnant, in a mutual help situation. (She needed financial help, and an extra set of hands with caring for twins as a single mom, and I needed help with a lot of things, given that my husband is also disabled from long-term depression). He could not believe I had first of all an adult daughter, and then had grandchildren on top of it. I thought he was just being polite, at first, but he kept on saying it. So I asked how old he thought I was. 32. He said he thought I was 32. I laughed out loud at that, then told him he made my day. Then told him my real age. I am 46. He was in total disbelief. I almost expected him to ask for ID. Thankfully he did not ask my "beauty secret" for looking so young. It is not one I  talk about often, and did not have the time to talk about that morning.

And that will be in a post I tell about on another day, as my brain capacity is pretty much spent after writing this much, and concentrating so much on election coverage last night. I feel like I have a bad hangover, even though I did not have a drop to drink last night.

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  1. When I was in high school, I had a friend demand that I bring him my mother's ID to prove it when I told him one day that she was 49 years old. Mom thought that was the coolest thing. But she did look much younger than she was, and managed to maintain that into her early 70s, until her health started to decline.

    Me? I pretty much look my age (56), but I used to get carded for R-rated movies until I was 26 or 27.